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MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENTAL PROFILE Brief History of Department •1990: The department was established. Only General course was offered. It had two posts. After 10 years the Honours (Major) course has been started. Courses – UG (B A both Major and General) Name of the Teaching Faculty Designation Highest Qualification Specialization Nos of year experience Dr. J Sharma Associate Professor Ph.D Applied Mathematics 32 years till date D. A. K. Borah Associate Professor Ph. D Applied Mathematics 31 years till date Dr. (Mrs) Sikha Saikia Associate Professor Ph.D Pure Mathematics 30 years till date Departmental Library Stock− Our Department has a library having nearly 450 books for Graduate level and Under Graduate course levels ( UG and Higher Secondary level ) •Seminar/ Conferences/ Student enrichment /Awareness programme since 1995. Mathematical awareness programme inviting local High schools and Higher Secondary Schools and held Quiz competition and awarded Prizes in First, Second and Third prizes winners among the students. Aims and Ambitions: Strength of the Department : Strength of the Department: • Teaching method aims to induce creative and critical thinking •Moral values like discipline, honesty, strength of character and hard work, motivational speech among students. •Students Group activities help in developing unity among students Weakness of the Department: Insufficient space for the Department Opportunities of the Department: • Location of the college •Regular interaction among teachers and students (both General & Honours) Future plan of the Department: • Invite resource person for special lecture particularly Pi ( π) Day and Mathematics Day Invite neighbouring high school students and higher secondary school students for mathematics awareness programme and inculcate as much as possible •Participation in faculty enrichm

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